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Residents of Polee express worry over lack of electricity

The residents of Polee in the Tanina Electoral Area, Wa West District have expressed worry over the lack of electricity in the community saying that it is a serious setback to their socio-economic development.

They said the lack of electricity in the community had posed a serious challenge to health access, especially pregnant women.

Madam Karima Abdala, a lactating mother told Info News at the community that they have to carry torchlights to the health facility at the community at night before they can access health care services.

She said she had to send a solar lamb to the facility before she could be delivered.

According to the residents, they could engage in miniature businesses such as selling of sachet water at the community if the community is connected to the national grid.

The chief of the pole community, Polee Naa Seidu Yakubu Kunmuglidoma said “bad guys” have been stealing their animals at the community, but that because there is no electricity, they are unable to arrest or attack those thieves.

On his part, the Assembly Member for the Tanina Electoral Area, Seidu Kassim, said out 17 communities in his electoral area, only Tanina has electricity.

He however noted that he was lobbying at the district assembly secure slots for some of the communities in the electoral area on the next face of the rural electrification project.