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Residents of Janguasi appeal for extension of electricity in community

Residents of Janguasi in the Jang Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have appealed to the government to fully connect all parts of the community to the national electricity grid.

They said the partial electrification of the community has bred conflicts and misunderstandings among individuals and sections of the community.

"This community is large but when they came to connect the electricity, it did not cover all parts the community which even led to some misunderstandings in the community," Mr Patrick Mosogu Bataanye, a resident of the community, said.

Mr Bataanye added the lack of electricity in the other parts of the community has made life uneasy for inhabitants of the areas.

He noted the part of the community on which the school is situated does not have electrical connectivity which makes teaching and learning difficult for both teachers and pupils alike.

He observed that "if the electricity is extended to all parts of the community, it would bring to end the incessant misunderstandings" which stifles development in the community.

Mr Bataanye therefore appealed to the government through the Nadowli-Kaleo District Assembly to come to their support by extending the electricity to cover all parts of the community.

In a related development, the residents have lamented over the lack of health facility in the community, making access to primary healthcare services by residents a hurdle.

Madam Yaanchema Bagarazie, a resident of the community, said they have travel long distances and even at nights to attain healthcare services.

She said it is difficult when they have to travel through dilapidated roads with patients to other communities for medical attention.

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