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Residents of Guri decry poor situation of potable water

Residents of Guri in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region have decried the poor situation of drinking water in the community as they battle a looming water crisis.

They lamented that they have only three boreholes which intermittently break down and currently have just one functional borehole serving the entire community population of about eight hundred residents.

They added that they pay monies almost every day to buy spare parts for the broken-down boreholes which do not even last a day.

Women in the community lamented that they no longer have sound sleep because they have to queue at the only functional borehole as early as 4:30 am and fetch just one basin of water not earlier than 10:00am.

They lamented that the situation has rendered them no chance to have enough time for their children as they go out in search of water, where they spend several hours.

The residents made a sorrow-ridden notion that no sooner than later, they will share same source of water with their animals as the dry season deepens.

They feared that they may contract some water-borne diseases if it happens that they would drink from dugouts.

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