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Residents Of Chasia express concerns over the sufferings they go through in search of potable water

Residents of Chasia, a predominantly farming community in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region have expressed concerns over the sufferings they go through in search of potable water for domestic purposes.

Narrating their ordeal to Info Radio, Fadila Mahama, a nursing mother reveals that, they trek several kilometers to access water from a stream.

She added, that the boreholes in the community have all broken down.

He bemoaned that, she has been retained by her children, if not she would have left the community due the lack of such social amenities. According to her, their sufferings are uncalled for.

The residents added that, not only are they in dire need of potable water but also their livestock.

They lamented that livestock which is a complementary source of income for their families goes astray in search of water and most times, never return.

On other developments, Mahama Fadila remarked that, the road from Chasia to Wa, the Regional capital, is decorated with deadly potholes and as a result, causing needless accidents and fatalities.

While praising efforts at getting the community electricity and health infrastructure, Madam Fadila, however, bemoaned that the projects have since been halted after the just-ended December 2020 elections.

Madam Fadila could not understand if the projects were started merely to influence the voting patterns of the residents.

She, therefore, called on the Was East District Assembly and the contractors to expedite action in completing the projects in order to ease their sufferings.

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