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  • Martin Kyasuo Sunti

Residents of Bienye construct a dugout to boast agribusinesses

Residents of Bienye in the Sigri Electoral Area of the Wa West District have mobilized resources to construct a dugout for the community in order to improve their rearing and irrigation farming businesses.

According to the residents, their animals are always dying during the dry season and there is the need to take their own initiative to construct a dugout.

They said each cattle owner in the community donated a cow to pay the contractor to help them construct the dugout.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, Mr Nanmwanuusi Abudi, the unit committee chairman in the community, said they have complained about the situation to the District Assembly to help them get a dam but the Assembly is yet to come to their aid.

Mr Nanmwanuusi, thus, indicated that they had four cows to enable the contractor to start the project.

He, therefore, called on the government and philanthropic individuals to support them to complete their dugout project in order to improve their livelihoods.

Mr Ibrahim Dangyare, another resident of the community, noted that their animals are always dying during the dry season because they do not get water to drink.

Madam Hawa Dangyare added that the dugout will help them farm vegetables and improve their farming business.

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