• Richard Banoebuuri


The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo-Danquah Akufo Addo has pledged to build a fence wall around the Wa Islamic Girls Senior High School before the end of the year. The president was speaking in response to a number of requests made to him by the Yernaa at his palace on the president’s two-day working visit to the Upper West Region.

The Yerinaa, Alhaji Suali Moomin Sungumo II, in a speech at his palace requested the president to consider dualising the road from Bamahu to kaleo, constructing a skill development Centre and a fence wall for the only female Islamic Senior High School in the Wa Municipality and ensure a peaceful election in the forthcoming polls. “the Yerinaa would be very grateful if your Excellency could set up a Skills Development Center for the youth within the Wa municipality. Yerinaa has a vast parcel of land for such a facility. The presence of such a center will equip the youth with employment skills” Yerinaa indicated in his speech. The Yerinaa also, appealed to the president to consider dualising the Wa insurance road from Bamahu to Kaleo. This he said , would help ease traffic on the road. “Your Excellency, the Yarinaa will also wish to appeal to you, to consider dualising the the Insurance road from Bamahu to Kaleo . This will help ease traffic on that road.”

On education, the Yerinaa also appealed to the president to help fence the Wa Islamic Girls Senior High School in the municipality. According to the religious leader, the absence of a fencing wall around the school, is making it difficult for school authorities to control student’s movement, especially, the recalcitrant ones. “education is so dear to the heart of the Yerinaa, especially, education of the girl child. Unfortunately, the only Islamic Girls Senior High School, within the municipality is currently grappling with security challenges due to the absence of a fencing wall in the school. It is against this backdrop, Yerinaa is appealing to Your Excellency, to come to the aid of the school” Yerinaa further requested.

The president in response believes the fence wall for the Wa Islamic Senior High School can be done within the shortest possible time, but deferred the rest of the Yerinaa’s requests to his next tenure if he and the NPP government are retained.

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