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Miss Dumba'22 Grand Finale: Asin-ma wears crown, Ngmennasong and Tuurosung runners-up

Tuurosong (left), Asin-ma (middle), Ngmennasong (right)

Jessica Abatanie Asin-ma, stage sensation at the Miss Dumba Beauty Contest representing the Nadowli-Kaleo District, has emerged winner and bearer of the crown for the 2022 edition.

Asin-ma was followed closely by Paulina Ngmennasong from the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) District, first runner-up and Hadiat Sufyan Tuurosung from Wa Nayiri, second runner-up.

Five out of the initial 12 contestants who passed auditions and later nine contestants appearing on stage, who remained through the various stages of the contest, battled it to the finals.

The moment Asin-ma could not help but shed tears of joy as she was announced winner

Superstar Asin-ma triumphed past eloquent Ngmennasong, immaculate Tuurosung, sterling Torikuubu from Wa Nayiri and stylish Ayisha from Wa East on Tuesday night at the grand finale.

She has kept queenly qualities all through the contest, winning six awards on stage – Star Performer, four times; Most Eloquent and Best Costume, one apiece.

First runner-up Ngmennasong, who came too close, also won six stage awards – Most Eloquent, four times; and Star Performer and Best Costume, one apiece.

She exuded great oratory skills in all her performances which won her Most Eloquent more than any other contestant (four times) but just fell behind Asin-ma, who prided with Star Performer awards (four times).

Ngmennasong, 1st Runner-up

Tuurosung, second runner-up, also won two initial stage awards – Best Costume, twice.

The positions of Third Runner-up and Fourth Runner-up went to Riyanat Iliyasu Torikuubu from Wa Nayiri and Ayisha Iddrisu from Wa East, respectively.

Aisha, before the grand finale, won three awards – Star Performer twice and Most Eloquent once whilst Torikkubu also won two awards – Star Performer and Most Eloquent, one apiece.

The Miss Dumba queen, winner, will be crowned later today at the forecourt of the Wa Naa’s palace at the climax of this year’s Dumba Festival celebration and goes home with and brand new motorbike.

The Miss Dumba Beauty Contest is by Pelbip Events in collaboration with the Overlord of the Wala Traditional Area, Wa Naa Seidu Fuseini Pelpuo IV and seeks to promote the rich culture of the Upper West Region and boast investment opportunities in the region.

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