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  • Aminu Ibrahim

Miss Dumba returns this week, 3 evictees anticipated

The Miss Dumba Beauty Pageantry competition returns this week after it could not come off in the last two weeks due to security concerns in the Wa municipality.

It promises so much fun and excitement, in one breath; and anxiety in another, as three evictions, are anticipated.

Today, Saturday, October 01, 2020, the contest in its fullest capacity shall return from the unavoidable break and promise to be exciting and captivating.

The contest has attracted mass public attention over the weeks for its engaging and captivating performances by the potential queens.

Patrons of the event had to reluctantly bear the unavoidable missing of the program owing to the pressing circumstance, but they will today have the entertainment of their eyes for what they missed unwillingly.

The contest which started with nine contestants only had one contestant evicted on Week 6, the week before the unavoidable break.

Organizers of the event have hinted that three contestants would be evicted today as the contest gets tougher and tighter towards its concluding weeks.

According to the organizers, after today's performance, there will be another performance next Saturday before the grand finale on October 11.

Tonight's display is expected to be nothing but 'killingly' exciting as contestants will have to put in impressive performances in order to cross a scoring threshold that can guarantee their stay in the contest.

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