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Lilian touches base with fans in town

Miss Lilian

Contesting queen and most sterling performer in the ongoing Miss Dumba Beauty Contest, Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib has touched base with her fans, followers and sympathizers in town as the contest wraps up in few weeks.

It was to afford her the opportunity to familiarize and interact with the funs who have been supporting her bid in the contest.

Lilian has received raving public rating in the contest and is tipped to win the contest as she exudes the very enviable qualities of a queen.

She has solid grasp of the customs and traditions of the Upper west Region and has held herself in a manner so morally upright and socially decorous that make her the ideal among her contenders.

Her performances on stage has won the hearts of many, some of whom have admired and supported her in anonymity, for her content-rich and purposefully targeted pieces.

The visits to the camps and support bases in the Wa township afforded Lilian the chance to meet face-to-face with both secret and public admirers.

As part of the visits, Lilian and her team paid a call to the members of Camp 63 at Wa Zongo, who has been a supporting pillar to her bid.

Members of Camp 63 are among the motivated public who have shared in the vision of Lilian to win the contest.

At the camp, she expressed her profound gratitude to the members for their unalloyed support and encouragement.

On their part, the members of Camp 63 were happy Miss Lilian visited the camp to interact and familiarize herself with them and pledged to continually support her to see her win the ultimate crown of Miss Dumba.

Miss Lilian was together with Abdul-Razak Salifu, her Public Relations Assistant and model Wasaal Esther Youra, Health Coach and Costumer to Miss Lilian.

Meanwhile, the Miss Dumba contest was earlier said to continue today, Saturday, September 24, 2020, after it could not come on last week due to security reasons in town.

However, organizers have rescinded the earlier communication as the security concerns persist in the Wa municipality.

The event, therefore, is said to be on halt until further notice.


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