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Learn the Interesting History of Condoms

We started using and history of condoms around 3.000 BC. Condoms were made out of animal’s bladder or intestines, linen, leather, paper, and yes, tortoiseshell and animal horns.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Japanese were crazy enough to use tortoiseshell or animal horns for condoms. They called them Kabuta-Gata. Luckily for Japanese men (and women), the arrival of Dutch traders meant, they got access to condoms made from leather (Kawagata or Kyotai).

Egyptians used condoms made out of linen sheath around 1000 BC. They wore them to protect themselves from various tropical diseases like bilharzia.

In Ancient Rome and in Medieval Europe condoms were made out of linen and animal (sheep or goat) intestines or bladder. They haven’t used condoms as contraceptives, but to prevent the spread of diseases such as syphilis.

#1,000 B.C.E.

Historians believe that in ancient Egypt, people used a linen sheath around the penis as protection against troublesome insects and tropical diseases.

2,4 The Romans used animal bladders for similar purposes. At the time, the linen sheath was only used for disease prevention; the Egyptians did not know about the sheaths’ contraceptive properties.


In the 16th century, an Italian inventor named Gabrielle Fallopius produced the first documented work on the dangers of STI syphilis.

He invented and recommended using a protective linen sheath soaked in chemicals in order to prevent the spread of syphilis. After the linen soaked, the manufacturer would dry it and attach a ribbon on the bottom, which would later be used to tie the sheath around the shaft of the penis.

#Thank you for Latex

Latex, rubber suspended in water, was invented in 1920. Compared to rubber condoms, latex condoms are thinner and stronger and have a shelf life of five years (rubber condoms have a shelf life of only three months).

London Rubber Company, which was originally a wholesaler of German condoms, produced by Julius Fromm’s company, became in 1932 the first European producer of Latex condoms — the Durex. The brand is well known to this day and leads the market with the biggest share and major improvements to condoms (such as introducing the first lubricated condom).

Interestingly, during the Great Depression in the United States alone, more than 1.5 million condoms were used every day. Condoms cost the American economy around 650 million dollars per year.

#Why are condoms called condoms?

The myth goes that the name of the condom comes from Doctor Condum who was commissioned by King Charles II in the 17th century to find protection for his sailors and soldiers who were from dying from venereal diseases.

Charles II was concerned with the high number of illegitimate children belonging to him.

No records of the actual existence of Doctor Condom exist. It is speculated that the Doctor changed his name to escape the embarrassment of his legacy.


Seyam Ahmed

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