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Lawyer Abu Juan Supports Sissala Precinct of Wa East District

Lawyer Abu Juan Jagiara, Philanthropist

Sissala born philanthropist cum lawyer, Lawyer Abu Juan Jagiara has supported, in diverse ways and numerous bounties, communities in the Sissala Zone of the Wa East District.

The lawyer has consistently been supporting the social development priorities of the communities since the beginning of this year.

The legal brain has been impacting lives positively in the area by addressing some of their social challenges, such as water, education and to some extent, religion.

In March this year, he had drilled new boreholes and repaired several defective boreholes in the area that were posing threats to the water needs of the people.

On Saturday, the 29th day of May 2021, the learned son of Funsi, was at Buffiama where he donated ten containers of paint, floor tiles, bags of cement etc for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Buffiama's Central Mosque.

He also donated spare parts of all defective boreholes for onwards repairs. Lawyer Juan assured the people of a mechanic coming to fix the boreholes this week.

At the Twin Communities of Yaala, No 2&1, the learned lawyer replicated a similar gesture by donating six pieces of ceiling fans to the Central Mosque with complete spare parts for all dysfunctional boreholes in the communities.

From the Twin Communities, the train of his benevolence proceeded to Tinnebelle where he donated fifty bags of cement, three bundles of iron rod, two packs of roofing sheet and other building materials for the expansion and rehabilitation of the Central Mosque.

Meanwhile, before the above offer, Lawyer Abu had repaired all broken down boreholes in the community a few weeks past.

Subsequently, the "Service To My Community Project," as the renowned lawyer dubbed it, landed at Sawobelle, where a complete set of brand new borehole heads were donated for replacement of the obsolete ones whose spare parts are no longer available in the market for purchase.

In all the beneficiary communities, songs of praise and incessant supplication and prayers to the legal practitioner were the order of the day. One could see the magnitude of ecstasy written all over their faces.

The renowned legal brain, Lawyer Abu Juan had been consistent with his remarks to the beneficiary communities.

He maintained that, whatever offer he was making, was devoid of political motivation or ambition.

According him, it is incumbent on all those who are privileged like him in the society, to support the underprivileged in order to facilitate life worth living to them.

He further observed that government alone cannot satisfy the socio-economic needs of the people without such individual private support. Lawyer Abu Juan concluded by assuring the people of his continuous support when and wherever necessary.

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