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Wa-Kumbiehi residents team up to construct steel footbridge across Bakpong valley

Residents of Kumbiehi, a suburb of Wa have teamed up to construct a steel footbridge across Bakpong valley which virtually cuts away hundreds of residents of the area during the rainy season.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio, the Assembly Member of the Kumbiehi Electoral Area, Rauf Saani revealed that it a community initiative by the residents to construct the steel walkway for easy access across the valley.

He said the move has become necessary to make easy access, and also reduce incidence of flooding in the area especially in the rainy season.

The Assembly Member noted the project is partitioned into two phases, with the first phase being commenced and targeted to tackle the deepest portion of the valley.

He said after first phase, whose means is within their hands, is completed, they would consider the second phase.

The Member of Parliament for the area, Dr Hassan Rashid Pelpuo donated a sum of GH₵5000.00 to support the first phase of the project, the Assemby Member revealed.

Mr Saani added that the Bakpong valley has since been in existence and wreaking havoc but he promised his tenure as Assembly Member would see a paradigm shift to alleviate the suffering of the residents.

He said he had written to the Urban Roads Department through the Municipal Assembly and that they have done their bit, which was much appreciative of.

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