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Key Men Body Parts Women Find Very Attractive and Irresistible

Women are attracted to men based on several issues. In today's article we shall be sharing with you some 7 basic physical attractions that attracts women to men.

Great Skin

The first thing a woman notices on you is your skin. Ladies find a flawless skin devoid of acne very attractive.


This is the first body part a lady notices when you begin to talk to her. Ladies find a pink,plump and succulent lips attractive.


before you greet a lady,make sure the palm of your hands is soft and succulent. This attracts ladies.


a guy with a long thin nose attracts ladies so much.


ladies are often attracted to a guy with a white eyes. They also find guys with dark brown pupil attractive.


We always notice a cute smile when your teeth are white. Ladies find guy with white teeth attractive


A guy with bigger arms seems masculine and energetic. Hence ladies find this body part attractive.

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