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John Mahama Graps the Attention of Assembly Members With Salary Payment Promise

John Dramani Mahama - Leader of Ghana's largest opposition Party

The leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama is gaining the attention of members of districts assemblies and potential assembly members in Ghana due to his proposal to pay salaries to assembly members when elected as president in the 2020 elections.

The NDC 2020 flag-bearer in his recent digital address and conversation with Ghanaians citizens on his facebook page said when elected as president , he will make make the necessary arrangement to make sure that assembly members are paid on a monthly basis to sustain community engagements and activities and promote local government in the country.

Based on the NDC flag-bearer promise, a group of assembly members from the Bono region say they will lend their full support to the campaign of former PresidentJohn Dramani Mahamafollowing the latter’s promise to pay assembly members if re-elected as President.

The group of assembly members thus wants their colleagues from other regions to also mobilise and campaign massively in their respective electoral areas for the former leader in his second chance bid for the Presidency.

In a Press release on Saturday, the group, Concerned Assembly Members of Bono region indicated that a proposal to that effect has been drafted to assist the smooth implementation of that vision.

But the group expressed their frustration by the dismissive stance of the Local Government Minister in relation to Mahama’s proposal.

In a statement, the group said, “It is rather unfortunate that a whole minister in-charge of Local Government, who rather ought to have been championing such ideas and even commend His ExecellencyJohn Dramani Mahamafor such a wonderful proposal has rather turned to castigate the idea,” the group bemoaned.

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