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Ghana Recording Intermittent Power Outages

Ghana's Deputy Energy minister William Owuraku-Aidoo

Some parts of Ghana has been recording frequent power cut for the past days. The situation has stalled businesses who depends of electricity for production.

The deputy minister of Energy Minister, William Owuraku-Aidoo speaking on the issue attributed the problem to some challenges faced by some power generating plants in the country.

He added the lack of supply of gas due to the cleaning out of the pipelines which supplies gas from Nigeria is also a factor. Mr Owuraku-Aidoo, however, assured that the situation will soon be brought under control. “Unfortunately, some of the generation plants that we planned with have encountered some unexpected challenges.” He added the peaking exercise has been completed ahead of schedule and will be followed by some analysis. “The analysis will hopefully come to an end by tomorrow [Thursday], and gas will be introduced somewhere in the beginning of March [2020] and then it will ramp up until we get the full complement of Gas supply to the Tema enclave,” Mr. Owuraku Aidoo told Accra-based Citi FM Wednesday February 26.

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