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Discard myths about the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine – Medical Director urged

The Medical Director of Banaangwene Medical Center, Tatuare Camillius has urge the public to discard myths about the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

Mr. Camillius made the call on Info Radio’s Te Zine Yiri Yela, saying the vaccine is safe for human survival hence has nothing to do with the reproductive system as some people claim it has adverse effect on reproduction in humans.

The Medical Director who is also the Assembly Member for Sombo East Electoral Area noted that, the second wave of the corona is even more deadly and spread faster.

He said everyone need to get vaccinated against the virus because it is causing severe harm on affected persons which need not be joked with.

He therefore called on the general public to get vaccinated so as to stay healthy against the virus.

Meanwhile, some residents in the Wa Municipality says the Corona Virus Vaccine is not safe for them and their families.

They held the claims that the vaccine was not tested and approved by Ghanaian doctors hence cannot be trusted to be safe.

They however, noted that they will continue to adhere to the safety protocols rather than to take the vaccine.