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Bussie residents raise safety concern over non-functioning streetlights

Residents of Bussie in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district have expressed safety concerns as the town grapples with indiscriminate activities in the night caused by non-functional streetlights.

They have urged authorities to repair the lights to prevent any untoward incident. Some of the residents who spoke to Info Radio said the large numbers of streetlights in the town are currently non-operational.

The situation has left various areas, including residential and commercial areas, enveloped in darkness, paving the way for criminals to undertake their activities.

Prosper Maaledoma, the assembly member for the Bussie East electoral area, expressed apprehensions about safety, saying that the lack of proper lighting poses a security threat.

He explained that the community is making efforts to repair some of the streetlights and appealed for support from authorities.

Bashit Naazie, a unit committee member, expressed concern about the activities of thieves in the Bussie community.

He mentioned that several properties, including motorcycles and animals, have been stolen by thieves.

He also called for the traditional authorities to enact by-laws to regulate the movement of Fulani herdsmen in the Bussie community.

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