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Advertise your products on social media platforms – Maria Johana Yuorpor

An entrepreneur, Maria Johana Yuorpor has called on local craft business owners to employ the use of digital marketing in selling their products.

While she recognized the prospects of local craft products like earthen wares, sculptures and wood carvings, she bewailed their low patronage even though they are on high demand in the market.

She, thus, professed the use of social media marketing platforms as a way of increasing the patronage of the products to both local and international customers.

However, she said marketing products on social media platforms is not that easy as it requires a special technique in getting the products to the destination of the customer and also the seller getting his/her money in turn.

That, she said, may be why many people are not into social media marketing.

She has also called on the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to support the craft industry in advertising their products on social media platforms.

Maria Johana Yuorpor is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, Women Entreprises Consultant. The enterprising entrepreneur is the founder and CEO at Mara Foods (indigenous Ghanaian Foods processed into powdered form such as Dawadawa, prekese, baobab, millet etc), Mara Closet (beads and Ankara Accessories) and Beautiful Smiles Project (mentoring and giving skills training to young girls in JHS in Nandom Municipality).

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