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5 Re-nominated 6 Newly Nominated for Upper West MDCEs Post

President Nana Akufo Addo has re-nominated 5 former Municipal and District Chief Executives with 6 newly nominated MDCEs for the eleven Districts and Municipalities in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

The five re-nominated MDCes who caught the eye of the president for the second time are

Mr. Issahaku Moomin Tahiru for Wa Municipal

Madam Kate Lankonno for Nadowli-Kaleo District

and Mr.Nadi Imoro Sanda for Daffiama/Busie/Issa District.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Lawra Mr. Domotiere B- Ire Martin

and the Municipal Chief Executive for Jirapa Madam Christine Bonbanye-Amadu were also among the list of MDCes who were re-nominated for a second term in the region.

A total of six new entrant have also been nominated to MDCes post to help manage the affairs of some the districts and municipalities in the region.

Mr. Ali Bukari, the NPP Upper West Regional Communications Officer has been nominated by the president to serve as the District Chief Executive for Wa West District,

The Presiding Member for the Wa East District Assembly and a lecturer at Wa S.D University of Business and Integrated Studies Dr. Ewurah Suleman has also been nominated to serve as the DCE for Wa East district.

The Nandom Municipality also saw Mr. Nero Raymond being nominated by the president as the municipal head.

The Sisaala East Municipality also got a new nominated MCE for the municipality in the person of Mr. Fuseini Yakubu Batong with

Ayisha Imoro Batong being nominated for the DCE position in Sisaala West.

Mr.George Gerard Naluri also got the nod from the president to serve as his representative in the Lambusie district.

The announcement of the eleven nominated MDCEs for the Upper West Region received mixed reaction from residents in the various municipal and district assemblies.

As to who among the eleven nominated MDCEs will make it pass confirmation at the various general assemblies is yet to be determined, as some residents are dissatisfied with some of the nominees.

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