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Young female entrepreneur urges Ghanaians to inculcate spirit of national volunteerism

Maria Johana Yuorpor, CEO, Mara Foods and Mara Closets and Executive Director, Beautiful Smiles Project

Young female entrepreneur, Maria Johana Yuorpor, Chief Executive Officer of Mara foods and Mara Closets doubled as Executive Director of Beautiful Smiles Project, has urged all Ghanaians especially youth and children to imbue in themselves the spirit of volunteerism for national development.

The young enterprising entrepreneur made the call in an interview with Info Radio on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in Wa at the sidelines of a school outreach program organized by four establishments (Ghana Red Cross, Mara Foods, NoniHub and Ghana Think Foundation) in the region to mark National Volunteer Day as well as Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day.

She implored that each member of the Ghanaian society should always endeavor to volunteer in helping their communities and other people to steer development.

Madam Yuorpor intimated that volunteerism is a self-fulfilling activity that individuals should imbibe in their lives without expecting any monetary favors or returns.

She cited that all her life’s activities have been centered on volunteerism and service to community and humanity which gives her so much inner fulfillment.

She thus, urged the Ghanaian youth to always avail themselves for volunteering services towards building their communities in all facets of development.

Mr Jeremiah Afako, UW Regional Manager, Ghana Red Cross Society

In a related conversation, the Upper West Regional Manager of the Ghana Red Cross Society, Mr Jeremiah Afako also urged the Ghanaian youth to go out in all their energies into volunteering services.

He said volunteerism is rewarding and opens doors of hopes and opportunities for people.

Mr Afako added that volunteerism boasts one's confidence and thus, urged the youth to volunteer without hesitation.

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