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World Donkey Day marked in Taffiase in the Sissala East

ActionAid Ghana (AAG), an affiliate of ActionAid International, has observed this year’s World Donkey Day with a call on donkey owners to take proper care of their donkeys to derive the maximum benefit from these animals.

The day was celebrated on May 8, with this year’s celebration on the theme: “Providing Better Care for Donkeys to Serve you better” and funded by The Donkey Sanctuary in the United Kingdom (UK). 

Madam Abiba Nibaradun, the Upper West Regional Programme Manager of ActionAid, who made the call, said the right treatment and care for the donkey would enable it to live its expected lifespan of about 50 years. 

About 300 people including women, school children, veterinary officers and community leaders, attended the event held at the Taffiase community in the Sissala East Municipality. 

The women donkey owners and school children also shared their experiences and testimonies of the transformation that the donkey welfare project had brought to them and their donkeys. 

Madam Sahadatu Inusah, a donkey owner at Taffiasi, said through the project, she had learnt to care properly for her donkey through feeding and treatment.

Mr. Eric Tergu, the Acting Sissala East Municipal Veterinary Officer, observed that many of the donkeys examined at the event were healthy which was laudable.

He, therefore, encouraged the women to call on the veterinary officers as soon as possible when they suspected any sign of sickness among their donkey for treatment.

"Our advice to the women is that at least they should adhere to simple rules of animal rearing. If you observe any critically ill animal, call on the veterinary, they will definitely come to check on whatever it is and they will advise appropriately," he added.

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