• Philip Tengzu

Utility Consumers Brace Themselves to Pay More As Utility Tariffs Increment Starts In September,2022

Utility consumers across the country have to brace up to pay more money for services provided as the Utility services providers commences charging the new utility prices from consumers September 1st.

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had announced the proposed increment of electricity and water tariffs to help meet their operational cost in providing those services to consumers.

Per the announcement by the utility regulatory body, PURC, the electricity tariffs would be increased by about 27.15% while water tariffs will be increased by 21.55%.

The proposed increment in the tariffs caused public outcry especially from the business community following the current economic turbulence the country is in which is already affecting business and socio-economic lives.

Meanwhile, Mr Charles Jojo Entsi, the Upper West Regional Manager of the PURC, told Info Radio in an interview that they had held wide consultation with consumers and the service providers across the country before arriving at the agreed increment rates.

“We are talking about the commission having public engagements in all the regional capitals to engage consumers, to engage factory workers, and to engage factory owners, how have the services of the utilities been”, he explained.

Mr Entsi said chiefs, the business community, and other consumers were also engaged before the announcement of the increment of the tariff.

The PURC Regional Manager also indicated that the increment in the tariffs had become necessary following the operational cost incurred by the service providers.

He explained that he had visited the Jambusie water treatment plant to ascertain their need for the tariff increment and understood that their demand was justified.

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