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Upper West RFA set to introduce Division III league

The Upper West Regional Football Association (UWRFA) has announced plans to introduce a Division III tier league, for the first time, in the region as the sports discipline grows.

A total of seven clubs have registered to start the new third-tier league.

This was disclosed at the RFA’s Congress held on Thursday, November 10, 2022 in Wa.

The Upper West RFA Chairman, Alhaji Daud Sadugu Yahaya, in his remarks indicated that the seven newly registered clubs will form the division three league.

The newly registered division three clubs are; Kilibi FC, Sore Nante FC, Nadowli United FC, AIP FC, Wicheau Young Hippoes FC, Icon FC and Exponential FC.

According to the chairman, a total of 23 second-tier teams have registered to participate in the next season’s division 2 league in the Upper West Region.

He added that four (4) women’s clubs and twelve (12) juvenile clubs have also registered and will partake in their various leagues next season.

He revealed that three teams will be relegated from the division two league next season while three teams will be promoted to Division II from Division III.

The Chairman further announced that all clubs that failed to participate in last season’s division two league have been automatically relegated to division three leagues.

At the congress, Alhaji Sadugu Daud Yahaya also revealed that the division 2 league is scheduled to start from 7-8 January 2023.

He also noted that each division two club will receive 5 footballs ahead of the season while division three will receive two footballs each to enhance preparation for the 2022/2023 regional league.

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