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Farm of a sixty-seven-year-old farmer in Piree in the Nadowli-Kaleo District razed by fire

A sixty-seven-year-old subsistent farmer by name John Baalunbuuri in Piree in the Nadowli-Kaleo District has appealed for support after his farm was razed by fire.

Narrating the incident to Info Radio, Mr John Baalunbuuri said his ban full of yam and over 300 cashew plantation was burnt into ashes about a month ago.

The yams of about 800 tubers and yam setts and the cashew plants which were just about flowering were all swept by the wildfire.

The cause of the fire is unknown but he suspected an arson.

He said the sad incident happened just after he had harvested the yam and gathered in a ban at the farm but had left for the Christmas festivities and returned to meet the unsightly scene.

The sixty-seven-year-old farmer therefore appeals to benevolent agencies to come to his aid.

He pleaded that if anyone can support him with cashew seedlings, he would much appreciate it.

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