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Residents of Papu express concerns over access to portable drinking water

Residents of Papu in the Sombo West Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have expressed concerns over the non-availability and access to portable drinking water in the community.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio, Mr Lawrence Abu, Tendaana of the community, said, they have only one functional borehole that is serving the entire population of the community.

He observed that even though there is tap water by the Ghana Water Company through the Small Town Water System, not all residents are able to buy the water every day.

Another resident of the community, Awileba Gabriel said the taps laid by the Ghana Water Company are not dependable as to say they have a good source of portable drinking water.

He noted that the taps sometimes can run dry for more than a month or two with no water for residents to tap from.

Mr Mwinuori Felix, the Unit Committee Chairman of the area, said, the water taps are only three in the community which is an underservice to the water needs of the population.

A resident, Felicia Mbawu, while calling for an increment in the number taps, said, they do not get to enjoy the government’s COVID-19 relief package before it expired.

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