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Queen Lilian feasts with fans on Christmas day

Queen Lilian (far left)

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib, affectionately called Queen Lilian by fans in the beauty pageantry industry, has celebrated with fans and lovers in Wa in a feast banquet on Christmas Day.

The dinner party was to say Thank You to the fans and reunite with renewed energies as the year geared to an end and another beginning.

In a brief, simple but majestic conviviality with fans at Camp 63 in Wa, Miss Naalu-Ib explained that the gesture was borne out of her love for her dignified fans, and to appreciate them for always being there for her.

She added that it was to strengthen the long-cherished relationships she had with the fans.

Queen Lilian stressed the need to share with friends and family, to the glory of God, during a season of merry-making such as Christmas and New Year.

She expressed hopes that the ensuing year would bring good tidings and lots of fulfilment in her life and that of fans, friends and family.

Members of Camp 63, on their part, expressed their profound gratitude to Queen Lilian for feasting with them on such a joyous occasion.

Mr Abdul Rahman Meigoro, a lead member of the camp, assured her of their continuous support, urging her to continue her good work for the positive development of society.

Mr Meigoro who doubled as the Political Aide to the Upper West Regional Minister expressed optimism that in the coming days, they not only would converge to feast but also share in more extraordinary and bigger accomplishments.

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib, also a Mental Health advocate and ambassador with the Bahass Foundation – a mental health focus organization in Wa, contested in this year's Miss Dumba Beauty Pageant and ended at the last but two stages of the contest, a decision that got mouths waggling.

She was the underdog who had been praised and tipped by the public for her content-rich performances responsive to societal needs.

In her company at the dinner was her close confidant and stage director, model Esther Wasaal Yuora, a Miss Kobina queen who also have several other pageantry laurels to her name, including Face of Northern Ghana.

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