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  • Richard Banoebuuri

Pizaga residents bemoan effects of poor roads on their livelihood

Residents of Pizaga, a community in the Tabiasi Electoral Area of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) District have bemoaned the effect of lack of good roads on their livelihood.

They say their daily lives are a struggle due to the poor state their roads are in.

Zinkogenuba Hypolite, who spoke to Info Radio at the community, said that even though they are farmers, they are unable to access any market to sell their produce.

He said they only rely to passersby to buy them at their determined prices since they can’t transport them themselves to any market.

Leticia Naawuo recounted some of their daily struggles over the poor state of the road to Info Radio.

“The roads are posing serious challenges to us. We cannot access any market centre…the roads get muddy when it rains…motorbikes cannot ply them, we struggle to walk to nearby communities to mill our grains for food…somestimes we slip and fall, wasting away our grounded flour, ” she narrated.

Ngmendambo Evans, a resident and a tricycle driver shared his experience on the road.

“From here to Naro, there is a river which gets deadly during the rainy season. You see the tricycle packed, I can’t use it…the road is bad, muddy and slippery. Before you set off on this road, you have to have another person by you to help you push the vehicle through the muds and rivers, that’s even if the road becomes manageable,” he said.

The residents therefore appealed to the government through the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District Assembly to come to their aid.

Meanwhile, parents at Pizaga bemoaned the situation where their children of school going age are resisting school due to the distance they have to walk on a daily basis to go to the nearest school.

They said the community is without a school and thus required children to walk several kilometres to Sazie to access formal education.

Zinkogenuba Hypolite said the distance has rendered over 40 of their children inconsistent with their attendance to school especially when the place becomes bushy.

He called on authorities to provide the community a school to bring education to the doorsteps of the children.


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