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Only one school under trees in Lambussie District-DCE

The District Chief Executive of Lambussie District Assembly, Mr Naluri George Gerard, has stated that there is only one school that is under trees in the entire district.

He further mentioned that his leadership has made significant investments to enhance the learning outcomes in the district.

“For now is just one school, the school collapsed during the raining season. They have moved to a private building and we are putting measures in place to rebuild the school,” he explained.

Mr Naluri added that as part of these efforts, the district assembly has constructed several classrooms to improve teaching and learning.

“Recently we handed over a 3-unit classroom block at Tapumo. We built a KG at Samobali. Yesterday we handed over a site for a KG at Dahilli as part of the SOCO,” he added.

The DCE further mentioned that T-TEL, a non-governmental organization, partnered with schools in the district and donated over 1,500 metallic chairs to the district.

In addition, teachers in the district are currently undergoing refresher training through this partnership.

He stated that the Ghana Education Service also provided 800 chairs to the district.

Mr Naluri confirmed that the district doesn't have any problems with furniture at the various schools for the time being.

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