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NPP Elections Committee impressed with aspirants’ performance

The Elections Committee designated for the conduct of the regional executive committee elections of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Upper West says it is impressed and satisfied with the performance of the aspirants during the vetting process.

At the close of the vetting yesterday, May 18, 2022 in Wa, the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Seth Panwum Boyoyo said a total of 35 persons who had filed nominations to contest the various positions appeared before the vetting committee.

He said all the aspirants qualified through the vetting as the committee was satisfied with their performances.

Mr Boyoyo added that balloting of candidates which followed the vetting was also done successfully with all aspirants knowing their position on the ballots.

Info Radio observed that, unlike the just-ended constituency elections in the region, the balloting did not give respect to the cabal or team any candidate belongs.

In the constituency elections, if the candidate for the chairmanship positions picks a ballot position, then all members of his clique are automatically placed in the same position, but this time it was not like that.

The Committee further urged the aspirants to engage in peace and brotherly campaigns in order to preserve the party’s unity to winning election 2024.

Mr Boyoyo said a candidate could still be disqualified if found in misconduct as the regulations permit.

He also urged delegates to present to the party competent personalities to man the party’s affairs.

Some aspirants who spoke to Info Radio after the vetting and balloting processes also expressed satisfaction with how the activities went.

Youth Organizer aspirant, Suleman Mohammed (alias Kweku Baako), while expressing his satisfaction with the processes, appealed to delegates to trust him with their votes as he is poised to give the party's youth front a facelift.

The elections will be on Saturday, May 28, 2022 in which 10 out of the 35 aspirants are expected to emerge winners.

The chairmanship race is fiercely contested by incumbent chairman SB Kangbaree and Alhaji Toiba Mahama, who became third in his first shot at the position in 2018.

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