• Philip Tengzu

NDC aspirant seeks to unite youth for victory 2024

Mr Ansofanga Dabanguu, an aspirant in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) internal elections, says his target is to build a united youth front for the party in the constituency to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) come 2024 general election.

“If I am given the nod I will mobile more youth to the NDC party in the DBI constituency”, Mr Dabanguu, who was aspiring for the Youth Organiser position in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) Constituency, said.

The aspirant said this in an interview with Info Radio in Wa after he pick the nomination to contest, adding: “I will let them know that NDC is a social democratic party, when we come to power we think about the ordinary Ghanaian.”

Mr Dabanguu was currently the Deputy Youth Ordganiser in the DBI constituency but said he is aspiring to be the substantive leader of the youth in order to implement his decisions that would lead to the development of the party youth in the constituency.

He explained that if he was given the node, he would ensure regular meetings of the youth in the constituency to discuss the interest of the youth in the party as well as their contribution to growing the party.

According to him the youth in the constituency were also derived from having access to the leadership of the party in the constituency to among other things, seek support for their personal development which was a discouragement to them.

He also cited other challenges in the constituency such as the poor nature of the roads which had hampered timely access to health care services, and that as the youth organizer he would mobilise the youth in the affected communities to temporarily fix the roads while they appealed for government support.

He, therefore, appealed to the delegates to endeavor to choose competent people to lead the party and not to fall for the enticement of money to choose the highest bidder which would not ogre well for the development of the party in the constituency.

“We are going into an internal election, it should be peaceful, and I will once again tell the delegates that they should look for people that can do the work for the NDC party to come back to power in 2024”.

“It is an internal election, at the d of the day we still have to come back together as one to fight for the party to win power in 2024”.

“So whoever is going into this election we should still know that civility is still a cherished value in our society, let’s not insult each other, at the end of the day, we are still one as NDCE”, he explained.

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