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Midwife praises women in Eggu who deliver at the health facility

Resident Midwife at the Eggu CHPS compound, Madam Noella Bagah has praised women and families who come to the facility to seek medical attention when need arises.

While praising the women and families, she noted that it is only when they make the health centre their first place of call when they are not well that the facility will be well placed to assist them in cases of complications.

Speaking to a cross section of women and men of the communities surrounding Eggu during a community engagement, she said the women are doing extremely well when it comes to attendance to the health centre during the period pregnancy.

Madam Noella Bagah however bemoaned a myriad of challenges that the facility is bedeviled with, impeding smooth delivery of healthcare services.

She mentioned the lack of maternity room cum delivery beds as well as the lack of accommodation for nurses as some of the challenges the facility is grabbled with.

She told Info Radio in related conversation that regular meetings to discuss security of both residents and health staff in the community will be a desirable move.

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