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  • Martin Kyasuo Sunti

Eggu Assembly Member calls for re-demarcation of Electoral Area

The Assembly Member for Eggu Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Mr Dassah Y. Ephraim has called for the re-demarcation of the Eggu Electoral Area to facilitate effective governance and development.

According to Assembly Member, the Electoral Area comprises 23 communities, making it the largest in the Wa West District.

He indicated that Eggu electoral area is very large as compared to other electoral areas which comprise of as few as 3 communities.

Mr Dassah said there is an unequal distribution of development because of the many communities it has.

He lamented that it is only Eggu that is connected to electricity, but the rest of the 22 communities do not have and most are lacking social amenities.

Mr Dassah observed business could boom and academic performances improved if there was electricity in the communities.

He, thus, urged the government to, through the appropriate authorities, re-demarcate the electoral area before the next local government elections if possible to ensure the effective working of the Assembly Member.

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