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Congestion and encroachment at the entrances of Wa Market Clinic dire - Clients

Congestion and encroachment at the entrances of the Wa Central Market Clinic is adversely affecting timely access to healthcare services.

A patient cannot have access to the facility with ease, the worse of it is on a Wa Market Day.

Some clients and concerned citizens of the municipality who spoke to Info Radio said they go through difficulties in accessing the facility for healthcare services.

According to them, the situation served as a dissuasion to sick persons and other clients seeking services at the facility.

The In-Charge at the Wa Market Clinic, Mr Haruna Dawood, said the the encroachment at the facility did not only impeded timely access to healthcare service, but that it also affected staff access to the facility.

He also touched on difficulty in transporting patients from the facility to referral centres in times of emergency.

He observed that some people wants confidentiality in accessing healthcare services, saying the encroachment deterred such persons from attending that facility.

He added that some services such adolescent and family planning services needed to be offered in a confidential environment.

Mr Dawood therefore appealed to the Wa Municipal Assembly and the leadership of the market to take the necessary steps to relocate traders selling at the entrances of the clinic to help improve healthcare access at the facility.

Meanwhile, Info Radio will get in touch with the leadership of the Wa Market and the Wa Municipal Assembly for their sides in our subsequent publications.