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Caretaker of public toilet displeased about residents’ poor attitude to sanitation

The caretaker of the Dobile public toilet, in a suburb of Wa, Mr Tendaana Issah has expressed displeasure over the negative attitude of residents towards sanitation.

Mr Issah who also takes charge of the refuse bin in the area made the lamentation in an interview with Info Radio regarding sanitation and cleanliness in the area.

He explained that many residents in the area dumped refuse anyhow instead of putting it inside the refuse container.

The Wa Municipal Assembly through the Zoom Lion Company Limited provided the refuse container which is kept by the public toilet to help manage sanitation in the area.

He further lamented that most of the residents in the area practice open defecation instead of using the public toilet.

Mr Issah said the situation could lead to the outbreak and contraction of contaminable diseases if there is no positive change in attitude towards sanitation and hygiene by the residents.

He appealed to residents to maintain good sanitation in the area by making good use of the public toilet and the waste container.

This concern has come at a time when poor maintenance of public waste containers has caused the attention of public health and sanitation authorities to advocate for the use of household waste bins.

Public waste containers for the collection of refuse have become a nuisance in most parts of the town as they are not timely picked and some users indiscriminately throw refuse off bins.

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