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Banungoma community lacks basic school, children's education jeopardized

Access to basic school education at Banungoma, a community in Wa East remains a wonder to children of school going age for lack of school at the community.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, the residents noted that their do not have access education because the community lacks a school.

They lamented that their well-aged children have to walk several kilometres before accessing school at Gonnuo, a nearby community, and those of Kindergarten age stay home because they cannot walk the long distances.

They appealed to the benevolent individuals and organizations to help them construct a school building at the young children.

They revealed that in the rainy season, the children could no longer travel long distance among overgrown bushes and valleys to nearby communities.

They showed readiness to lay sand bricks to put and up a small KG structure for the children, and thus called on benevolent individuals and organizations to come to their assistance.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 enjoins member states of which Ghana is a signatory to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by the year 2030.

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