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Residents of Bianye appeal for irrigation dam to improve their livelihoods

Residents of Bianye in the Sigri Electoral Area of the Wa West District have appealed to the government to construct an irrigation dam for them in order to improve their socio-economic lives.

They said a land was earmarked for the construction of a dam under the government's One-Village, One-Dam initiative and surveyed by officials but has since not returned for works.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, Madam Hawa Danyagri, a resident, said the dam would offer the alternative means of earning income aside mainstream farming to cater for their family needs.

She said it would also improve their nutrition and health as they could cultivate vegetables from the dam.

Madam Danyagri added the lack of a dam at the community also negatively affects the rearing of livestock.

She noted that people who rear livestock and other domestic animals often offer whole or part losses because the animals travel far in search of water and do not return.

She added that some of the animals even die, or get stolen, along the way before they return home.

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