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NoniHub holds start-up summit to graduate young entrepreneurs

NoniHub, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm in Wa, has held a startup summit to graduate some 34 young entrepreneurs who undertook training in various digital technologies, and to help them set up their business in the Upper West Region.

It aims to reduce the unemployment rate in the country through ICT.

The young entrepreneurs underwent six weeks training on Mobile App development.

The theme for the Summit is on “Digitization Commerce for Sustainable Business Development and Job Creation in Upper West”.

Speaking to the media at the program, the Chief Executive Officer for NoniHub, Mr. Sumaila Chakurah said the summit was to expose the young entrepreneurs to investors and also set as a platform for them to learn from the industry players.

Mr. Sumaila Chakurah, CEO, NoniHb

He said the young entrepreneurs have pitched their ideas to experienced entrepreneurs for evaluation and the way to implement such ideas.

The start-up summit was organized by NoniHub in partnership with the Ghana TechLab for 34 youth with funding from the MasterCard Foundation and World Bank and supported by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization.

He said 35 peoples were accepted through interview but 34 have successfully graduated after the training.

Mr. Chakurah noted that there will be nine startups business industry within the Upper West Region.

He said the program is on two phases which the second phase is to help the entrepreneurs implement their ideas.

According to him, the entrepreneurs will undergo ten week technical training in this phase.

Mr. Chakural lamented the logistics constrains and difficult in adaptation of business owners as a hindrance of digitization processes in the region.

He said business owners don’t want to go online because of the fear of frauds.

He said the high cost of going online is also a key challenge to the digitization process.

Some beneficial have express their happiness after going through the training successfully and are will to implement it to earn a living.

Mr. Mohamed Abdul Mumin, Regional Director of Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA) has edge the youth in the region also join such opportunities as it is self-employment when they implement the ideas judiciously.

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