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NDC Triggers Massive Voter Registration Campaign Among Members

The National Demorcratice Congress ( NDC ) have started what can be termed as an aggressive voter registration education campaign for its members across the country.

This is barely less than a week when the supreme court of Ghana denied the NDCs request for the inclusion of existing voter ID cards as one of the requirements for registration in the new voter register.

The leader and flag-bearer of the the NDC John Dramani Mahama and some party stalwarts over the weekends urged their supporters to go out in their numbers to register their names in the new voter register to enable the party kick out the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Various ad banners have also been designed and circulated on social media platforms by most NDC parlimentary candidates , urging their constituents to participate in the coming new voter registration exercise.

The NDC had earlier on urged its supporters not to participate in the new voter register when the party vehemently disagreed with the Electoral Commission of Ghana quest for a new voter roll. The current turns of events, where the NDC is urging its members to participate and register their names in the new voter register seems to be the only viable alternative for the NDC, since low registration of its members in the new register would result in an automatic defeat of the party in the upcoming general election.

In that regard , the 1st National Vice -Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Chief Awudu Sofo Azorka has alsoappealed to the people of the Savannah Region especially members of his party to come out in their numbers to register when the registration exercise starts on Tuesday 30th June, 2020.

He said Ghana needs John Mahama very urgently since the country is in a big mess under Nana Akufo-Addo.

He further appealed to the people in the region especially the teaming youth who are in the galamsey areas to move home during the registration exercise to register in their numbers to vote out the NPP government.

Chief Azorka was in Damongo on Sunday 28th June, 2020 for the 7th day funeral rites of the late former Damongo Constituency Chairman Alhaji Achintir Mprah Fuseini who passed on last week .

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