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My Life Time dream is to build a Mental Home- CEO of Bahass Foundation

The Chief Executive Officer of the Bahass Foundation, Yussif Baba Eliasu, known as chairman Bahass has indicated his desire to build a mental home to accommodate homeless terminally ill persons in the Upper West Region. He made this remark when a team from the National Lottery Foundation paid a working visit to his office to make some valuable donations to support the good course of the foundation.

Chairman Bahass indicated he feels troubled and worried when he sees the terminally ill persons roaming the streets of Wa, Lawra, Jirapa, and all major towns and communities in the Upper West Region. He stressed that the foundation is now on paper works to secure land to provide an ultramodern facility made up of washrooms, office spaces and accommodation rooms as a mental home which will be the first of its kind in Northern Ghana and would be a dream come true. To the CEO of the Bahass Foundation, the lack of a mental home to provide decent social services is his major challenge.

He lamented on how he has to go round with his volunteers in major parts of Wa Municipality whenever they are to bathe and clothed these terminally ill persons.

He particularly mentioned other challenges of the foundation including feeding, transport, medical goods and the welfare of volunteers as part of the major challenges facing the foundation.

The Bahass Foundation for close to two decades has been leading philanthropical schemes in providing care and support services to persons who are terminally ill. The foundation has largely been operating with the support of well-meaning Ghanaians and corporate bodies' donations to cater to the terminally ill persons.

Currently, Bahass Foundation for the first time last year has moved the world mental health day to the Jirapa Municipality and intends to move this year's celebration to another District or Municipality. The foundation is widening its scope to cover all parts of the Upper West Region.

Tahiru Lukman

Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant and Pan- African Author

Tel: +233 (0) 209154057 / +233 (0) 551018778

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