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Lack of vehicle and inadequate personnel hindering our operations – Wa West Police Command

Wa West District Police Commander, ASP Alexander Tang, has said lack of vehicles and inadequate personnel are hindering the operations of the Ghana Police Service in the district.

Speaking at a media briefing at Wechiau, ASP Tang noted that, the current number of police personnel in the Wa West District is very low which makes it difficult to combat crime and also to open more police stations to enhance security.

The commander also noted that the district currently has only two police stations which are all located in the western side of the district, leaving the other of the cardinal parts.

ASP Alexander Tang added that lack of a vehicle for personnel to patrol the entire Wa West District is making it difficult to respond to crime scenes in the area.

He told the media that, the only overburdened pick-up vehicle that was given to the police in 2014 has broken down and currently parked at a mechanic shop awaiting repairs.

ASP Alexander Tang therefore called for more police personnel and vehicles to enhance operations of security service in the Wa West district.

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