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I have unfinished developmental projects- Fian Assembly Member

Mr Stephen Katoule, the Assembly Member for Fian Electoral Area and the Presiding Member for the Daffiama-Bussei-Issa District, has announced his readiness to contest in the upcoming District-level election.

Mr Katoule expressed his commitment to completing ongoing developmental projects and initiating new ones for the benefit of the community.

In an interview with Info Radio, Mr Katoule emphasized the importance of continuity in leadership to ensure the successful implementation of development programs.

He highlighted the need for sustained efforts in improving infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other essential services for the people of Daffiama-Bussei-Issa.

"I have unfinished business in terms of developmental projects for my electoral area. I am ready to contest the District-level election to continue the work that has been started and to bring about meaningful change for our community," he stated.

He pledged to prioritize the welfare of the people and to work towards addressing their needs and concerns.

As the Presiding Member for the District, Mr Katoule said he has been instrumental in facilitating dialogue and decision-making processes at the local government level.

His leadership has been commended for promoting transparency and accountability in the governance of the district.

His re-election bid is expected to be met with widespread support from the people he has diligently served.

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