• Martin Kyasuo Sunti

Drivers and traders bemoan incessant astronomical hikes in fuel prices

Drivers of commercial transport vehicles and traders in the Upper West Region have bemoaned the recent frequent astronomical increases in the prices of fuel.

The commercial transport operators and traders said they were left agape and frustrated as petrol and diesel were pumped above GHs10.00 per litre.

In an interview with Info Radio at the Wa Central market, Mr. Hassan Kalandi, a ‘Cambuu’ rider at the Songbaweera Cambuu station lamented that the increase in fuel price is likely to collapse their business because they no longer make profit due to the high amount they pay for fuel following the increment.

He stated that they have started experiencing low patronage in their services already as passengers complain of high cost of transportation.

He added that they spend many productive hours wooing customers, spending about three to four hours before they can get passengers, which badly affects their market.

He feared that the increment in fuel prices may collapse their business and render drivers of the vehicles jobless.

He added it can plunged the youth into social vices in order to earned livelihood and cater for their families, when they become unemployed.

He therefore appealed to the government to intervene swiftly in the stabilizing, reducing the fuel prices and forestalling further increments.

Mr. Ishmael who is a Taxi driver also complained that, even though there is increase in fuel prices, government does not permit drivers to increase transport cost.

He said it is affecting their operations.

Madam Hamida who is a business woman expressed her displeasure that they used their profit to pay drivers.

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