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Delivery of quality education in my electoral area is compromised - Assembly Member

Assembly Member for Chaggu Electoral Area in the Wa East District, Abdulai Shaahid, has said that lack of educational infrastructure is affecting the quality of education in his Electoral Area.

He said the delivery of quality education in the Electoral Area is compromised by the lack of school cum classroom infrastructure.

Speaking on Info Radio’s late afternoon socio-political show, Ti Zine Yiri Yela, the Assembly Member said people of Chaggu-Paala, on their own self-help community initiative, started the construction of a school block to accommodate students who qualify to junior high school.

This, he said, had become imperative to save students the hassle of having to walk long distances to acquire Junior High School education, but lack of funds has put the project to a standstill.

The Assembly Member said the situation is adversely affecting the future of education in the community.

Hon Shaahid also stated that, some communities in the Electoral Area such as Bisikan do not have a Primary school, thereby compelling kindergarten leavers in the community to walk several miles to nearby communities for Primary School education.

He revealed that, due to the stress the pupils have to go through to access education, most of them had already given up in their quest to being formally educated.

He said the situation is worrying and needs critical attention and has thus called on the Government to come to their aid.

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