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CPI announces top 10 finalists of 2024 Igniting Dreams Fellowship

Coalition for Positive Impact (CPI), organizers of the Igniting Dreams (ID) Fellowship and Summit, has announced the top ten finalists of the ID Fellowship for 2024.

ID nurtures and supports promising young entrepreneurs in the Northern part of Ghana through leadership training, mentorship, seed funding, and business development support.

Now in its sixth year, the fellowship attracted a record-high number of applications from young entrepreneurs in the Northern regions of Ghana, demonstrating the remarkable impact of the program over the years with the Igniting Dreams Prize.

The ID Prize is awarded to promising businesses that demonstrate potential, viability and validity through competitive selection processes as part of the CPI’s annual Igniting Dreams program.

Dedicated to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their communities, CPI unveiled the top 10 finalists of the ID 2024 Fellowship after a rigorous selection process.

The 10 finalists who emerged as the cream of the crop, after a 10-week intensive mentorship and training boot camp which is currently ongoing, will compete for the coveted prize at the summit and pitch ceremony scheduled for early January 2024.

Meet the 10 finalists for the Igniting Dreams 2024 fellowship:

Hillia Gbene Mashood: Hillia hails from the Upper West Region of Ghana and is working to promote business productivity through Information Technology (IT) based solutions and to bridge the digital divide in rural communities. His firm, Gbentek Digital Solutions, is a digital agency that assists businesses in streamlining their operations by providing services such as website development, marketing, advertising, security systems, custom software, and automation tools.

Godwin Abugbilla: Godwin hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and is on a mission to promote food security and access to nutritious foods in his community. His firm, Zebilla Farms, is a grassroots initiative dedicated to sustainable agriculture, specifically the rearing of guinea fowls for meat production and eggs.

Ali Osman Dantani: Ali originates from the Northern Region of Ghana. Ali is working to address the stress and duress sports teams, leagues, institutions and sports lovers go through to acquire sportswear. His brand, Locker Room Sports, is a sportswear manufacturer retail and manufacturing company with a vision of becoming a giant producer and distributor of sportswear in Africa.

Mariam Wunnam Musah: Mariam hails from the Northern Region of Ghana. She is working on a project to increase the productivity and accessibility of shea butter and groundnut paste products in the Northern region, with a focus on meeting the nutritional needs of the people. Marinutri World, her brand, is into the production of fortified, high-quality nutritional products made of shea butter and groundnut paste.

Patricia Banoeyele: Patricia hails from the Upper West Region of Ghana. She is on a mission to become a nationwide manufacturer of natural hair products to meet the demands of people who desire beautified hair growth. Her firm, De Naturals Hair Products, specializes in utilizing natural and organic ingredients to produce hair products which among others, cures dandruff, itchy scalps, and premature greying.

Anita Asige: Anita hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana and is passionate about redefining skincare and haircare in Ghana, Africa and beyond. Her firm, MelAnu, based in Tamale, provides affordable, high-quality, and organic skincare and haircare products to empower individuals to feel confident and embrace their natural beauty. By utilizing locally and organically synthesized products, MelAnu aligns with SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production) and contributes to livelihood empowerment in the shea value chain.

Abubakari Belawu Mbangba: Belawu hails from the Northern Region of Ghana and is passionate about food security and climate change. Her firm, Diva Farms is into sustainable agriculture and offers high-quality organic vegetables to consumers. Diva Farms also teaches farmers sustainable methods, trains young people in vegetable farming and also sets up backyard gardens for individuals.

Rahinatu Ibrahim Anna Nambiema: Rahinatu hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana. Her business, FabricPlast is into the collection and recycling of single-use plastics and textile wastes from the environment and landfills, helping to clamp down climate change and create a sustainable environment. FabricPlast converts waste products into eco-friendly products such as bags footwear and other woven products.

Abdul Rashid Wumpini Alhassan: Abdul Rashid is on a transformative journey to establish the largest agroforestry company in Ghana and beyond. His firm, Ummy Farms, provides people with access to a diverse range of fresh and healthy produce, including vegetables, cereals, honey, and tubers. Ummy Farms aspires to evolve into an institute dedicated to research and the promotion of best practices in sustainable agriculture.

Amankwah Benjamin: Amankwah comes from the Central Region and operates his business in Tamale, the Northern Region of Ghana. He is on a mission to help every child realize their unique capabilities and effectively harness their potential. His business, Champions' Center for Academics, Reading and Excellence (C-CARE), is a special education provider that specialises in helping students with specific academic challenges such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

With their innovations, resilience, and determination, these 10 finalists will receive mentorship, business training, and financial support to turn their dreams into reality.

The Igniting Dreams Fellowship has already made a significant impact in Northern Ghana, and the future looks even brighter with these 10 talented individuals at the helm of innovative projects.

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