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Assembly Member calls for upgrading of health facility

, Assembly Member for Ponyentanga Electoral Area in the Wa West District has called for upgrading in the status of the Ponyentanga health facility to a befitting status to meet the growing health needs of the people.

He lamented that the facility lacks of ward facilities to cater for patients thereby forcing health practitioners to lump children, male and female patients in a single room for treatment.

He said patients share a single bed while others are treated on floors.

He hinted of a certain 20 capacity ward facility at the health centre which was started some years ago but has since not been completed.

He noted that when he followed up at the District Assembly, he was directed to the contractor of the facility who said he could not continue the work because he has not been paid for the work done already.

He appealed to the Wa West District Assembly and the government to expedite action and see to the completion and upgrading of the health facility to a befitting status to cater for the healthcare needs of the people.

The Assembly Member also expressed concern over the lack of health facility at Tampuoro community.

While lamenting over the distances residents of the community has to travel to access healthcare needs, he called on the Government to establish a health facility at the community.

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