• Mohammed and Aminu


Widows and vulnerable groups at the Kuubare Mateng Community in the Lassie -Tuolu Electoral Area of the Wa West District have expressed their displeasure over the difficulty in enrolling into the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) program. This was brought to light when Info Radio reporters visited the community to ascertain developmental issues at the community. A widow in the community Madam Naabar Sanchaa, told info news that, she has been denied enrollment onto the LEAP program. She added that, life has not been easy for her as a single parent since the demise of her husband Ten Years ago, leaving behind 5 children. Naabar Sanchaa noted that, there are other widows in the Kuubare Mateng Community and none of them is a beneficiary of the LEAP program."We are many in the community who are not enroll on to the program, but more qualified than most of those enrolled," Naabar Sanchaa has said.

Responding to Naabar Sanchaa's claim, the assembly member for the Lassie-Tuolu Electoral Area, Micheal Arah Sei-uu said that he has not received any information from the Wa West District Assembly to bring people who are qualified for the LEAP program for enrolment. He therefore assured potential beneficiaries of the program in the Kuubare Mateng Community that, any time the assembly announces for such, he will make sure the community benefit from it. "what the woman said is true, however, at the assembly, we haven't been told to register beneficiaries for now. When the opportunity comes ,i will make sure the Kuubare Mateng community get its share," Hon Micheal assures.

Ghana's Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) program provides cash transfers to very poor people, particularly in households with orphans or vulnerable children, the elderly and people with extreme disabilities. Beneficiaries also receive free national health insurance.

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