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Support to Avert Incidences of Suicide- UW Mental Health Coordinator

The Acting Upper West Regional Mental Health Coordinator, Mr Basagnia Sylvester has called on residents in the Upper West Region to support people in difficult situations to cope with life instead of choosing to end their lives.

According to him, there are several reasons why people try to commit suicide. But added that, a supportive society can be able to support individuals going through tough moments in their lives to adjust the realities of life instead of choosing the option of committing suicide.

In an interview with Info Radio to mark the 202 World Suicide Prevention Day, Mr.Basagnia Sylvester called on residents to be on the lookout for friends and relatives who are in distressed situations to help them cope.

The World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated annually on 10 September to create awareness on causes and prevention of suicide. The 2023 World suicide prevention day is celebrated on the theme "Creating Hope through Action”. Mr Basagnia said the awareness creation will help reduce incidences of suicide in the region and the country at large.

Mr Basagnia disclosed that some of the causes of suicide includes depression and disappointments.

He, thus, indicated that the Upper West Region has recorded six cases of suicide with four cases from the Wa East District.

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