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Residents of Samanbo Angry Over Their Poor Roads

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Residents of Samanbo , a community in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District have expressed anger over the poor state of their road which connects them to Wogu and Issa.

Samanbo is eight miles away from Wogu with a population of over three hundred people. According to the residents, politicians over the years have refused to address the poor state of their road in the area. They said the poor state of the road posses a challenge to them which has also led to the loss of life. T

The residents expressed their frustration when speaking to Info Radio reporter Banoebuuri Richard and Soyela Eliasu when they visited the community.

They also raised concerns about the lack of access to potable water in the community.

On health, they also expressed their dissatisfaction about the poor state of their health facility. They said apart from they not having basic drugs at the facility; they also are unable to get their women to deliver at the health facility due to its deplorable state.

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