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Residents of Banungoma bemoan stressful drinking water situation at the community

Residents of Banungoma in the Wa East District have bemoaned the poor, stressful drinking water situation in the community.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, the residents lamented that the whole community of over one hundred residents depends on a single, shallow-dug borehole for their drinking and domestic purposes.

They revealed that shallow-dug borehole cannot withstand the pressure as it cannot flow steadily throughout the day.

The women noted that they sometimes have to wait for the borehole to refill before they could pump again, which they said is a big challenge to them.

The residents further noted that anytime the only borehole broke down, they have to resort to dugouts and ponds for their water needs.

They added that even they scoop the dugouts and ponds, honey bees take over and chase the women from fetching the water.

They lamented that for the many years the community has been in existence and participating in elections, successive governments have not done anything to salvage their plights.

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