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Parents feared their children's education may truncate due to distance

Parents of Biskan in Chaggu Electoral Area in the Wa East District have lamented the distance their children have to cover after completing class three to continue formal education at Bulenga.

According to parents, their school is only up to Class 3 and as result children have to go to Bulenga which is far from their community to continue from primary four.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Mr Abdul Rahaman Adams, a parent, bemoaned that their children are dropping out of school because of the distance they have to trek every day to school.

He indicated that over 200 children are at home who are not going to school due to the distance.

Madam Barikisu Inusah, a resident, noted that the road is bushy and there are security concerns with the children walking on that road to the school.

She added that the children have to terminate classes before the normal closing hours when it is about to rain because of the deplorable structure of the school.

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